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The Gascoyne Hotel History of the Gascoyne Hotel The Gascoyne Hotel
The Old Gascoyne Hotel
Mr Robert Newman, a grazier from Mt Sandiman Station, purchased the Carnarvon Town Lots 187 188 and 190 Foss Street (now Olivia Terrace) on September 22 1909

Under the management of Mr George Stowe, the “Gascoyne Hostel” was officially opened on the 8th October, 1910. The Gascoyne Hostel was a place of accommodation only, and the original Phone Number was 53.
In June 1911, a publicans’ general licence was granted to Mr George Stowe ...Mr Stowe presented a petition of electors living in the immediate vicinity of the proposed premises. The Act stated that the necessary accommodation be two sitting rooms and two bedrooms, in addition to those used by the staff. In addition to that the Hostel had 19 other bedrooms and an exceptionally good dining room. There was also stabling for 30 horses. The proposed bar was some distance from the existing building, the privacy of which would be undisturbed. The new building would be of re-inforced concrete and over the bar would be an additional 14 bedrooms connected to the existing building by an overpass. He claimed the proposed structure would be highly suitable for the purpose of a hotel. Robert Newman was the Builder of the Hotel.

In February 1912 the Hotel was leased to Mr William Snook at a yearly rate of £364 The Gascoyne Hotel in 1912 was the leading house of its kind in the district with 47 rooms and 5 bathrooms, 3 dining rooms and bar. There was also stabling for 30 horses.

It was said that the whole hotel from the building itself to the service could not be surpassed outside the metropolis.

Best remembered of it’s licencees in the early days was Dick and Marge Cornish who held the licence in the 1920’s and 1930’s. A lot of attention in those days was centered around race week, Accommodation was fully booked and the hotel would host the Carnarvon Cup Calcutta Sweepstakes. Dick and Marge Cornish took a keen interest in the town and were very involved in it’s development.

Other Licencees have included Mr Wilson Tuckey and Kevin Price.
The current Owner and Licencee is Kevin Leahy

The Gascoyne Hotel has weathered many cyclones and floods in it’s time... been destroyed by fire in 1988 when the right side of the building caught alight and in 1997 was struck by lightning.

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Gascoyne Hotel
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