Foods and Drinks to Sample When Dining in Carnarvon

As a wanderer, you know that each town you visit will always have a signature meal or a drink that is unique from the rest of the places. It could be a traditional meal or just a normal meal that is uniquely prepared, and the recipe can never be matched. This article will highlight the best Carnarvon foods and drinks that you must try when you visit this town.

Bowl of Fruit Salad

The town located on the Western side of Australia in an area which is known to have an abundant supply of tropical fruits. Ranging from the famous sweet bananas, very juicy mangoes, awesomely tasty grapes and watermelons. They are found freshly harvested for sale at the pop-up shops and stalls that are put up on plantations and farms. Some farmers go an extra step of adding value to their products, and they will serve you with a delicious bowl of fruit salad. In contrast, others make delicious fresh fruit juices that you can sample. Apart from eating and drinking, they are also stunning when photographed.

Sea Foods

The town is located near the shores of the ocean where they fish and harvest very fresh and wild sea creatures like fish, prawns squid and, salmon, among others. The fact that they are prepared and served fresh from the ocean makes them very delicious and full of flavour. The chefs prepare the seafood with spectacular culinary expertise, and you are assured of a finger-licking plate of food you will never forget in your life.


The town has its own Lord and Lady Carnarvon, behind a famous gin brand known as the Highclere Castle. They often throw cocktail parties where you can sample their very unique gin cocktails, for example, the Roll’s Royce cocktail, blood orange and thyme gin cocktail, to mention a few.