The Best Night Time Entertainment Available in Carnarvon

Whether you are visiting the town or you are a resident who loves the nightlife, Carnarvon is a great place for night people. Here you will find establishments providing all sorts of entertainment, be it a night drinking with friends, a movie night, or even a walk under the shining glimmer of the streetlights. Carnarvon will give you awesome entertainment that you won’t forget in a long time. Below are a few joints you and your friends can visit and pass the night away having fun. Be sure to enjoy every moment of it.

Memorial Theatre

For the movie lovers, you can decide to get tickets and enjoy that new movie that you and your friends have been longing to watch since it was released.

Carnarvon Tavern

If you love spending the evening enjoying a good old cold beer, Carnarvon Tavern located at 12 Camel Lane is the place to visit. They have excellent customer service, and you and your friends can sip your favourite drinks as you listen to the superb background music played in the tavern all night long.

Carnarvon Yacht Club

The club located in 3 West St, South Carnarvon serves excellent food and drinks. They play great music which you can choose to sing along, dance to or quietly listen as you enjoy your favourite beverage and have a great time with your companions.

Gascoyne Hotel

This is one of the best places to look out for if you are a karaoke lover, especially on that warm Friday night. As you test and exercise your singing skill, you can also enjoy the great meals and drinks served at the hotel.

Carnarvon Motel

Apart from the great drinks served at the motel, they provide other entertainment like a pool table where you and your friends can test the skills you have in the game. They also have a jukebox with all karaoke accessories to provide a variety of entertainment.