Things to Do and See in Carnarvon

Carnarvon town is generously filled with sites and places that will satisfy your wanderlust. Located at the Northern area of Perth, Carnarvon is a coastal town that lies along the Gascoyne River which merges with the Indian Ocean. It is one of the favourite stops for tourists. When planning a visit to Carnarvon bring along a good camera, nice comfortable walking shoes, a guide book, a sun hat and lots of water to drink. The following are places you should visit and a few things you must do in Carnarvon.

Visit the Blowholes

They are just outside the town and are a natural phenomenon. They are formed when the Indian Ocean forces itself into the sea caves and explodes out water up the air 20-meters high through the holes in the rock. You will be very impressed by listening to the roaring sounds of the sea.

Camping at the Red Bluff

With your family and friends, you will enjoy a peaceful few days’ get-away from the noise in the cities and the general public. You will get to swim, go fishing, take photos, set a tent and light a campfire and enjoy the blissful evening.


You can head out to the weekly local farmers market and buy a few items of farm-fresh produce. The market places are open on each and every Saturday from May to October. You will get everything on your list starting from homemade ice-cream, organically grown vegetables, and fresh home-baked pastries to mention a few.

Learn the Town’s History

To do this, you can visit the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Museum. You will be able to learn about the history of Carnarvon dating back to 1900s. You will be able to understand how the town was before and the changes that have occurred, bringing the state of the area to how it is right now. They do not charge any entry fee into the museum.